Restaurant Scorecard: How did your favorites score?

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Each time the Department of Health and Environmental Control inspects a restaurant, there are roughly 50 items on their checklist, which add up to a score of 100.

An "A" grade gets a score of 88 to 100. A "B" is anything from 78 to 87, and the lowest grade is a "C", which is 70 to 77.

This week inspectors' first stop was North Myrtle Beach. They stopped in at Hot Diggity Dog, located at 93 South Ocean Boulevard.

Inspectors found meat left out, holding at an improper temperature. They also found food being stored in a hand sink, and some food wasn't being stored at least six inches off the floor.

In the end, the Hot Diggity Dog received an 80, which is a "B" letter grade.

By policy all restaurants have time to correct any of the findings.

And that's exactly what the Hot Diggity Dog did, receiving a perfect score of 100 on their follow up inspection.

Next, inspectors headed into Myrtle Beach for a visit to Nacho Hippo. It's located at 1160 Farrow Parkway in the Market Common.

While there, inspectors found potentially hazardous food not held below 45 degrees or above 130 degrees.

Anything outside of that temperature range promotes the growth of bacteria.

Inspectors also found flies at the restaurant, and they noted that the chemical sanitizer concentration was too low.

In fact, the chemical sanitizer at the dish machine didn't even register when tested.

Nacho Hippo received an 81, which is also a "B" letter grade.

Inspectors also paid a visit to Yamato's Steakhouse at Broadway at the Beach.

The restaurant is located at 1213 Celebrity Square. It received an 88, which is an "A" letter grade.

Inspectors found raw meat stored over raw meat of lesser cook temperature, for instance, raw chicken stored over raw beef or pork. They also found a dirty hand sink without soap or paper towels.

And inspectors say the restaurant was either missing labels or had incorrect labels on foods and products that can't be easily identified such as sugar, salt and flour.

Heading over to Conway, they stopped in at Cheesesteak U, located at 1867 Highway 544.

Inspectors found a dirty cutting board.

They also noted that the microwave and the inside of the ice machine needed more cleaning.

Inspectors gave Cheesesteak U an 88, which is an "A" letter grade.

While in Conway, inspectors also made at stop at Rivertown Java, located at 1028 Third Avenue, and this business received a near perfect score of 98, which, of course, is an "A" letter grade.

Inspectors' only complaint was a blender stored too close to a sink, and the side of a cabinet that needed to be fixed.

Remember, you can find out how a restaurant did before you eat. Each establishment is required to have their score posted. If you don't see it, just ask.

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