Conway City Council looking to add new businesses downtown

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) Many people visit the Main Street area in Historic Downtown Conway, but now Conway City Council has approved a study to evaluate all of downtown to increase the foot traffic and bring in more businesses.

"I feel like economic development is such an important thing especially in small downtown areas," said Conway Mayor Alys Lawson.

This has many people, especially business owners, hoping for some changes. Jose Carrillo owns a shop downtown close to Main Street, and he feels it's more than just important, it's necessary.

"Business has been slow, but talking to other shop owners, it's been slow all through Conway." Said Carrillo. The business owner says many businesses are struggling to get more customers, and haven't had much luck.

"Since we've been here downtown 3 shops have already closed in this area," said Carrillo. "We have two across the street and one in the building that closed due to lack of customers and lack of support."

Since the city is looking to improve downtown, he hopes this will mean more customer traffic. Frequent visitors like Daisy Nichols say they would like to see more investment in the area.

"I would love to see more little shops, more people around shopping, and the town continuing to grow and to glow," Nichols exclaimed.

For business owners like Carrillo, it's city efforts like this that keep him hanging on.

"If something's not done to promote this city or bring more business into this area, then we have to close up."

Conway administrator Bill Graham says the downtown study will also look into building a hotel in the downtown area. The hope is that by adding more businesses, the fresh momentum will help out other already established businesses.

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