First babies born from egg freezing in SC

SOUTH CAROLINA - Dr. John Schnorr of Coastal Fertility Specialists is proud to be the physician responsible for the first three babies born in the state of South Carolina as a result of egg freezing. This is no small feat, as the process of freezing eggs is extremely challenging.

In the past, fertility centers have tried to freeze eggs through a two hour long, slow freezing process that is successful with embryos, but not as successful with eggs. The challenge is that the female egg, the largest cell in the body, is made mostly of water which would expand and cause disruption of the cellular membrane during freezing, thus destroying the egg. Dr. Schnorr early on saw the promise and challenge of egg freezing and worked hard with a team of Mount Pleasant embryologists to perfect the process of dehydrating the egg and then "flash freezing" it with the use of liquid nitrogen. This process, called Vitrification, prevents the egg from expanding and allows the cellular matter to remain intact.

"We are extremely proud of what we've been able to accomplish," says Dr. John Schnorr, Reproductive Endocrinologist at Coastal Fertility Specialists. "It holds huge promise in helping us preserve a woman's fertility."

In addition to helping women who are going through chemotherapy preserve their fertility, egg freezing is now a viable solution for women who have not yet found their dream guy but still want a family in the future. Egg freezing advances is also making affordable fertility treatments available for older women through the use of frozen donor eggs. Using "fresh" eggs from a donor can be three times more expensive than frozen donor eggs.

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