Emergency rooms offer check-in kiosk

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Check-in kiosks are now available in the Grand Strand Regional and South Strand Medical Center emergency department lobbies.

Patients can check-in quickly with the swipe of a driver's license or credit card.

"The folks that have been coming in to the emergency department are surprised by the technology. After they are walked through the process they realize how simple it is. So they know on their next visit they will be able to do it independently," said Michelle Davies, GSRMC nursing director.

The steps are simple, Davies assures.

A patient selects their preferred language, either English or Spanish, and swipes a driver's license or credit card. Patients may also enter their name manually.

Patients will then be asked to enter their reason for visiting the emergency department from a drop down box or enter their reason manually. The new system takes severe health emergencies into account. If a patient selects chest pain as the reason for the visit, the kiosk will flash a message in red to stop and see the nurse immediately.

It will also flag any patient five years old or younger or 65 and older. Nurses say they're excited about the benefits the kiosks bring to the ER.

"It lets the nurses identify the previous record more quickly. We can pull information from a previous visit such as allergies, and past medical history, that sort of thing," said Davies.

Check-ins are kept in sequential order on an electronic log, ensuring that the arrival date and time are accurately reflected in the patient record. Patients will be seen and triaged based on established clinical processes.

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