Most popular menu options at The Trestle in Conway

The Trestle upstairs dining room (Source:
The Trestle upstairs dining room (Source:

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Conway certainly has plenty of popular places to eat, one of which WMBF Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Rob Hatchell found at The Trestle.

When you think of a small town, downtown restaurant, The Trestle might come to mind. But there's nothing small about the taste or the crowd that frequents this place. Just ask restaurant server Lynn Hardwick.

"And that's good, we're busy all year round, it's not just summertime," says Hardwick. "We have a lot of people from Mullins, Marion, North Myrtle Beach, Calabash, Cherry Grove. I had a family from Murrells Inlet yesterday and they were from out of state and someone sent them here to each lunch, so that's really good."

Then there's the locals that frequent The Trestle a few times a week, yet keep ordering the same things.

"Most of them sit down and I know what they are going to eat, I know what they are going to drink so it's good for me and them," smiles Lynn.

Conway native David Turner is one of those regulars who knows exactly what he likes.

"About three different things. I don't branch out much," laughs Turner. "If I want to eat light I'll get fruited chicken salad on lettuce. If I want something heavier, I'll get like a B.L.T. or something like that."

Patron Russell Dozier says his favorites are a little meatier.

"The ham and jack chicken and the hot roast beef sandwich...definitely," Dozier suggests.

While everyone has their favorites, some stand out from the rest.

"The chicken salad of course. And the bread. But we do two types of chicken salad. I love the fruited, but we sell just as much of the regular," admits Lynn. "So the chicken salad, the black bean soup, those are two of the main staples that a lot of people get that."

But of course don't forget the desserts. You can choose from a wide variety here or walk a block down to the bakery, but be prepared to have your mind blown in baking bliss. You want it, they got it! And it's always good at The Trestle in downtown Conway.

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