Ghost Walk echoes spooky tales in downtown Conway

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Charming would be a way to describe downtown Conway. That charm comes from its rich history, and when you've been around long enough, the tales get longer and sometimes a little spooky.

"And she heard one of the voices from her deceased daughters saying mother, we've come for our brother!," echoes Hillary Howard, Executive Director of Conway Downtown Alive

That supposedly happened in the Beaty House right in the middle of downtown Conway over a hundred years ago. Just around the corner, the grave sites of all five Beaty children who all died at a very early age. Now if the story alone isn't spooky enough, the grave sites certainly are.

The story of Brooky and the Beaty children is just one of many you'll hear at this year's Conway Ghost Walk tour from several great story tellers like Guy Dozier.

"Conway is just full of the folklore of the tales of the Lowcountry. It's just fascinating the stories that people have to tell just in Conway alone. People would be surprised and amazed at how stories there are to tell right here in Conway," raves Guy Dozier.

And that's probably why it's been so popular for so many years.

"They sell out," Dozier boosts. "So if you want your tickets you better get them in a hurry because they do sell out."

And while these tours have been around for years, this is the second year Hillary Howard and Conway Downtown Alive have put the event on.

"All together you'll have nine stops around downtown Conway. And one of the things we really take pride in is going to locations that your normal visits to Conway you're probably not going to see. There's some nooks and crannies that people are really going to enjoy exploring on the tour," explains Hillary.

To sign up, visit Conway Downtown Alive online to reserve your spot now.

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