Conway looks to SCDOT with bridge safety concerns

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Conway City Council members have safety concerns about the main road that connects people to Conway.

The 75-year-old Main Street Bridge is a two lane road that goes right in to the city.

Council members tell WMBF News the bridge is very narrow. So they have called on the South Carolina Department of Transportation to investigate and do a study on how to make the bridge safer.

"That bridge has just become an issue that we think needs to be looked at," acknowledges City of Conway Mayor Alys Dawson.

There could be another challenge ahead, pending the results from SCDOT's study. When the community calls on SCDOT to look at an issue, if a problem is identified, then the community has to pay for any solutions to fix it.

Mayor Lawson says if that's necessary, Conway City Council will look at the options to see if it's something they want to spend taxpayer dollars on.

"We'll have to look at any proposals and then review the cost and see if it's something that we can afford to do and to see if council is willing to go forward," Mayor Lawson confesses.

Other concerns deal with the people who walk and bike on the bridge. Council members fear that they are walking and riding too close to traffic. Another concern stems from the location of the guardrails.

The guardrail forces pedestrians and bikers to get off the sidewalk and onto the street. Conway resident Crystal Goings says she frequently rides her bike on the bridge.

"It's always a good thing to deal with the safety of a bridge. It's very scary. The wind will push you, you run the risk of falling over the edge, it's not safe," said Goings.

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