Wing shop cited for repeat violations

Restaurant scorecard

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A routine inspection from the SCDHEC leaves Wild Wing Cafe in North Myrtle Beach with a 'B' rating.

The report from Monday's inspection shows Wild Wing Cafe was cited for 11 violations. Four of them were repeat violations and two of them critical violations.

The report cites the inspector ordered Wild Wing to trash deli meat and nuggets for being held at improper temperatures. The inspector also noted a problem with too many flies. A pest control company has been contacted.

The repeat offenses led to the inspector to leaving behind a list of instructions for Wild Wing. The report shows the inspector left instruction to fix rusted shelves, clean dirty floors and walls, and a dirty ventilator hood with a missing filter. Other things the inspector noted that could use some cleaning were the ice machine, dish washer, refrigerator, shelves, and microwave.

Wild Wing Cafe received low 'B' rating, a 78. The report shoes DHEC will return next Tuesday for a follow up inspection.

Sweet Frogs in the North Strand also had a visit from DHEC this week. Sweet Frogs uses a self serve concept.  According to the shop's manager Andrew Stinner, they constantly have to watch for any spills or messes that customers may leave behind.

"It's pretty much just like constant check up. You know everything that drips off the machines. Anything anyone could have dropped," Stinner explains.

According to the DHEC report, the inspector didn't find any dirty surfaces but did note one violation.

"We were at the bottom of the bucket for the sanitizer mix. So we had to get a new buckets and it's all fine now," Stinner admits.

The frozen yogurt shop got  98, an 'A' rating.

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