The American Cancer Society needs test subjects


MYRTLE BEACH -- The American Cancer Society is calling for volunteers for a new study to look into factors that may prevent or cause cancer.

On Tuesday, Sept 11 Coastal Carolina University will be hosting an American Cancer Society (ACS) kickoff event in an attempt to enroll 300 volunteers for the study that will be looking into the lifestyles of anyone between 30 and 65-years-old with no personal history of cancer.

During the study, blood samples will be taken along with a 45 minute survey that asks for information such as where a person has lived, what medicines they've taken and some family medical history.

The kickoff starts at 5:30 p.m. and will be held in the Kline Hospitality Suite at the Brooks Football Stadium with parking reserved at the stadium lot.

RSVP by calling 213-0333 or emailing

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