Local park attracts trouble, neighbors say

Source: WMBF News Reporter Will Whitson
Source: WMBF News Reporter Will Whitson

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Myrtle Beach Police are investigating after two children reported to their school that a man presented a gun near their bus stop.

Horry County School spokeswoman Teal Britton confirms that two young students were waiting for the bus in the area of Withers Swash area in Myrtle Beach and were skipping stones to pass the time.

The students told police one of those stones hit a man, who retreated to his vehicle and, according to the students, returned with a firearm. Right now, it's unclear if the gun was pointed at the students or presented to scare them, Britton admits, but the kids claim a shot was fired in the air.

"There was a group of kids running out of the park, yelling and screaming," said Christopher Rangel, who saw children in the park this morning. Rangel says the park is secluded and has become a breeding ground for trouble and vagrants.

"There are a couple of groups of kids who are just dangerous," Rangel said. "You know, they've got a mob mentality."

The incident was reported to school officials, who then called police. Officers on scene told our WMBF News crew that the incident occurred at Fourth Avenue North and Cedar Street.

Police officers have been questioning residents in the area, but so far no one recalls hear shots fired Friday morning.

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