MB begins off-season construction projects

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Tourist season is over, and now the construction cones and workers are back out in force in Myrtle Beach.

The volume of tourists in the Grand Strand drops off after Labor Day, and with less people and less traffic, construction projects are back in full swing.

After Labor Day weekend is the time the City of Myrtle Beach takes to work on big projects, so you can expect to see more construction trucks on the road.

The projects being completed during the tourist off-season sum around $18 million, an increase from recent years when the economy held its own restrictions on growth. Those projects include the resurfacing of Ocean Boulevard, widening of Seaboard Street, landscaping on Kings Highway and changing out street signs.

"Between now and Easter, we have the opportunity to do some of the larger construction projects because it's not quite as busy," explains Mark Kruea, spokesman for the City of Myrtle Beach.

Taxpayers in Myrtle Beach are happy to see the city doing work every year to keep everything looking fresh, but would like to know more about where the money is spent.

"It makes the city look nice. Yeah I think they should. It should be a naturally discussed as far as what the costs are going to be. So it's not digging too much into the taxpayers money," says Myrtle Beach resident Richard Patchett.

The city feels this is a good area to start putting more money into, since these projects can only turn around and bring back in more money for our area. Most of these projects will happen over the next 6 months, just in time to be ready for when the tourists come back to town.

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