Consider This: Bullying

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Area schools are back in session and we are already seeing issues with bullying.

Consider This: Bullying is not acceptable. Period. No further discussion needed. And most schools are being aggressive in establishing zero tolerance policies. But we can't leave it up to the schools to teach our kids right and wrong. It is the responsibility of parents to monitor their kid's behavior and make sure they are not mistreating other children.

It is also important to recognize when your child is being bullied. It's often covered up as a joke or prank, so parents have to be alert. If you see signs of bullying you need to alert school officials immediately. If you don't get an appropriate response you should contact law enforcement. And if the issue is still not addressed you should contact the media.

What you shouldn't do is take things into your own hands. We've seen that happen where a parent retaliates against a child who was the alleged bully.

It is certainly understandable to want to defend your child if you feel they are being abused, but it is best to remove the child from the situation and contact authorities. Bullying should not be tolerated. But we also need to lead by example.

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