'Back to school' virus makes the rounds

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) - Coughing, sneezing and lots of runny noses. Grand Strand area doctors are describing these symptoms as the "back to school" virus.

The symptoms are so widespread, and doctors say plenty of children are going straight from the carpool line to the doctor's office.

"Every year," sighs Jennifer Kanoff. "Like the first week or two, you always get a cold. Something it seems like. I guess it's just, all the new kids, touching and sharing their cups."

Doctors like Doctor Thomas W. Petrusick say a large number of students getting sick right now is normal.

"I see it every year at the start of school," says the Myrtle Beach area doctor. Petrusick says since students are back in classrooms, the four walls can be a trap for germs, and makes it easy for them to spread.

"So there's a lot more of it than we usually have," comments Petrusick.

Even though Petrusick says it's something your child should get over quickly, parents like Kanoff say they don't want to take any chances.

"My two big boys just got over a cold, so we just wanted to make sure it wasn't worse for her since she's just a little thing," says Kanoff.

Doctors say you may start to feel like more kids are getting sick right at this early part of the school year, but after September, things should start to settle down. In the meantime, parents should makes sure their kids continuously wash their hands, eat well balanced meals, and get plenty of rest.

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