Committee tackles overcrowding in Horry County Schools

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - There's a new group in town aiming to maximize space in Horry County Schools.

The school district recently formed the Horry County School Optimization Committee made up of taxpayers, educators and parents. During public monthly committee meetings, they're going to take a close look at each school within the district.

They want to figure out if each school's space is being used efficiently. They will look at the design of the schools and how the schools are operating now.

The committee will form recommendations for the school board. Possible changes could mean new schools, changing the attendance lines for schools, and building on to what schools already offer. Another suggestion is for new classes to go in the planning periods so each classroom is used to the maximum.

"There's a lot to it because Horry County, geographically, is the largest county east of the Mississippi. We have over 50 buildings, and we're taking a look at where our growth is," said Harvey Eisner, member of the HCS optimization committee.

Eisner says they're also looking ahead. Some of these areas they are focusing on are North Myrtle Beach and St. James and they're looking at growth patterns further inland as well. Eisner says they're seeing a lot of growth in Aynor.

"As our growth continues, we have to take a look at how do we alleviate the problems. Do we add on, do we build new buildings, where exactly should those new buildings be?" added Eisner.

Members for this committee have been appointed by the school district. Monthly meetings are public and committee members welcome the community and parents to join and give their input.

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