Seven plead guilty after lengthy undercover drug investigation in McColl

MARLBORO COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A series of complaints from Pee Dee residents sparked a lengthy, ongoing undercover operation into firearms and drug violations in Marlboro County, landing six men and a woman behind bars. All of the defendants have now been sentenced.

It all began two years ago when citizens from the McColl, Marlboro County, Scotland County and Robeson County communities spoke out about the drug problems which were becoming more apparent in the area.

The Marlboro County Sheriff's Office joined with the McColl Police Department to execute search warrants, conduct traffic stops and interview witnesses, leading them to two homes in McColl believed to be used for the sale and storage of drugs and firearms.

At that point, the sheriff's office reached out to the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms and the US Attorney's Office to help them prosecute the growing case.

Together, the agencies conducted surveillance and undercover drug buys on two homes on Mack Circle and Ransom Drive in McColl each week.

The sheriff's office worked together with McColl PD, ATF and the Chesterfield County Sheriff's Office to execute search warrants and arrested six men and one woman in the homes on Mack Circle and Delano Street at around 4 a.m.

A Federal Grand Jury indicted these suspects on a 14-count sealed Indictment, charging them with multiple drug and firearms charges. The indictment charges that the conspiracy around 1996 and involved at least five kilograms of cocaine, at least 280 grams of crack cocaine and Marijuana. It includes multiple counts of drug and firearm violations that occurred during this investigation over the past two years when it began.

"This was another successful Federal drug case we were able to prosecute with the help of the ATF, McColl PD and U.S. Attorney's Office," said Sheriff Fred Knight. "We feel like these federal cases have made a impact in all areas of the county and this one specifically in McColl. Most of these defendants have bad prior records and the sentences reflect that. We can now move to the next one that is coming real soon on the heels of this case and also has multiple defendants. "

In January and February, all but two of the suspects pleaded guilty to charges. Recently, the final two defendants, Shannon Brigman and Robert Goins, pleaded guilty in Federal District Court. Below is a list of all the defendants, their charges, and the prison terms they were sentenced to:

Shannon "Shadrack" Brigman, 35 – Drug conspiracy – 188 months

Kimberly Milligan, 31 – Conspiracy – 54 months

Jimmy Wiggins, 64 – Felon in possession of a firearm - 24 months

Robert Dewayne Milligan, 29 – Conspiracy – 168 months

William "Bill Bill" Chavis, 29 – Conspiracy – 168 months

Robert Earl Goins, 44 – Drug conspiracy – 132 months

Dylan Johnson, 21 – Conspiracy – 108 months

"This case is another example of what long term precise investigations can accomplish. I have got numerous complaints about this group of defendants and we feel we have a solid case that will end in substantial jail time and penalties," said Sheriff Knight.

"The law abiding residents of both of these areas of McColl can now rest and feel safe again without constant drug traffic and the threat of violence or shootings. I commend my Investigators, the McColl Police Dept and the ATF for a job well done and the patience to leave no stone unturned. This is just phase one of a series of Federal Drug arrests in and around McColl. The next case includes defendants that have ties to this case in one way or another. I have repeatedly warned drug dealers and now for this group, their time is up," he concludes.

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