Consider This: Learning from Isaac

MYRTLE BEACH (WMBF) - As I watched reports of Hurricane Isaac rescue efforts most people who were pulled to safety said, "We didn't think it would be this bad."

Consider This:

When the water is rising and the winds are howling, it's too late to evacuate. Every storm is unique and as we have seen with Isaac, a less powerful category 1 storm, it is always best to follow the evacuation notices.

There might be false alarms, but you're better off with the inconvenience of leaving and returning to no damage than taking a chance and riding out the storm that turns out to be the one that lands a powerful punch.

There are new guidelines for our area and local emergency management leaders are focused on getting the word out with the Know Your Zone campaign. Do you Know Your Zone? You don't want to be that person saying, "We didn't think it would be this bad," as you wait helplessly for rescue crews.

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