Golf championship continues despite the wet weather

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Wet weather in the Grand Strand is forcing one event to change plans.

The World Amateur Handicap Golf Championship canceled a handful of scheduled rounds on Tuesday after heavy rain hammered the Myrtle Beach area.

The rain's biggest impact to golfers on Wednesday was the soggy grass recent rain events have left behind. Event organizers say wet greens have players walking a little more than usual.

The grass is too wet for golf carts, so they're forced to stay on the cart paths. This means players had to drive to their balls instead of driving to them.

The five day annual tournament kicked off Monday. On Tuesday, after heavy downpours in the Grand Strand organizers stopped 12 divisions before they could finish their last rounds of golf for the day.

This impacted about 600 of the 3000 participants. As long as no major severe thunderstorms slam the Myrtle Beach area the next couple of days, the championship should remain on track.

"You know weather has impacted us, you know obviously people playing in the rain, but in terms of a compromise to the competition, that has not occurred. The rain seems to have stopped, at least here in the central strand and it's going to continue clearing out the rest of the week," said Chris King, spokesperson for Golf Holiday, which helps put on the championship.

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