Isaac brings big spike in gas prices in Carolinas

CHARLOTTE, NC (AP/WMBF) - Hurricane Isaac has caused the sharpest overnight spike in gas prices in the Carolinas since Hurricane Katrina seven years ago, according to AAA Carolinas.

South Carolina prices jumped almost 8 cents a gallon to nearly $3.58 on Wednesday. In the Upstate, which typically has the lowest gas prices, the increase was almost 11 cents.

Gas was up more than 5 cents a gallon in North Carolina with the average price $3.73. Prices in the Asheville area were up more than 6 cents.

AAA says prices will increase as long as the storm disrupts Gulf of Mexico oil operations.

The sharpest single overnight gas price increase in the region was during Katrina in 2005 when prices jumped almost 16 cents a gallon in South Carolina and almost 12 cents in North Carolina.

Before Isaac, South Carolina was reported to have the lowest gas prices in the nation, and experts said the ramifications from the storm on the industry would be short lived.

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