Back to school means catching speeders in school zones

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WMBF) Children may have had a break all summer, but drivers have had a break too from the school zones and bus stops.

Now that all the districts in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee are back in school, the South Carolina Highway Patrol wants you to be careful about how you get there.

Parents may be busy preparing their kids for the first few weeks of back to school, but they should also be preparing to hit the roads. Since most people are used to zooming past school zone signs, Highway Patrol Troopers say they want to give you a reminder.

"We have to have that visibility right off the bat," said Sonny Collins with the State Highway Patrol. "To make sure people are adhering to the speed limits in those school zones."

Drivers will be able to find troopers out at the different school zones, watching to make sure you're passing through safely.

It's not just the school zones that can be a concern, but also bus stops.

"On two lane roads you always stop on that bus, regardless." said Collins. "If you're on a 4 lane road behind the bus, you stop. But if you're on a multi lane highway, and you're on the opposite side, and you're meeting a school bus, you don't have to stop. You can just keep traveling."

If drivers don't follow the rules, there will be consequences. Collins says it could add points to your driver's license. When it comes to fines, the cost varies, but Collins assures the amount is substantial.

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