Suspects break into cars, vandalize mini-golf course

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The North Myrtle Beach Public Safety Department is on the lookout for a suspect in a series of car break-ins, all occurring at mini-golf courses around town.

But the general manager of one local course says that's not the only criminal they're dealing with.

"The same night as the car break-ins happened, the soda machines got busted into. Twice in one day?" Jeff Croaston asked skeptically. The general manager of Prof. Hacker's Dinosaur Adventure Golf says a guest's car was broken into around 9 o'clock one night, and then vending machines were robbed later in the evening.

"He knows exactly what to look for," Croaston said. "He knows where our cameras are at. He brings a can of spray paint and sprays over one of the cameras."

Croaston caught photos of the suspect and his partner breaking into his machines and sent them to North Myrtle Beach Public Safety. Law enforcement released surveillance photos of the suspect for the string of break-ins using stolen credit cards at a convenience store.

Croaston isn't sure the car break-ins and vending machine robberies are connected, but he hopes the evidence left at the scene will bring both cases to a close.

"Police are working on it right now," he said. "They did leave fingerprints, so we've got those, too."

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