Handgun, fireworks confiscated at MYR

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – No knives, no nail clippers, no large shampoo bottles. When it comes to what you can and can't pack for a flight, there are some pretty extensive rules. But TSA officers at Myrtle Beach International Airport have confiscated some outrageous items from passengers' bags.

According to reports from the Transportation Security Administration, this year alone at Myrtle Beach International Airport authorities have confiscated ten martial arts weapons, fireworks, and even a loaded gun from baggage!

Passengers in the airport say when it comes to traveling, sometimes they don't think about what they're packing and whether or not it's safe.

"I brought some jelly to take home," said airline passenger Debra Van Meter. "They said I couldn't take it. I just wasn't paying attention because I was packing so quickly."

Passengers say the most common thing they forget about is water and other beverages that can't pass through security.

"I brought a big water bottle," said passenger Brooklyn Baker. "They made me pour it out."

Florence Regional Airport has also had to confiscate some illegal items this year. According to reports, in February officers took a loaded .38 caliber handgun from one passenger's bag.

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