Ignored business owners want help from city

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Some local business owners are asking Myrtle Beach leaders to spread the wealth. They say money is being pumped into some downtown areas to help boost business, while others are still fighting for attention.

Every business owner has trouble being the new shop on the block. But for owners like John Farrelly, opening in the "Superblock" area of Myrtle Beach, they feel like they're up against more.

"Competition with the beachfront, boardwalk, and competition with new businesses going up over there," said Farrelly.

Many people might flock to the boardwalk area, but those people move right past a section of businesses on their way.

"Yeah I noticed some restaurants as we drove by," said Lauren Gamrat, who is visiting Myrtle Beach with family. "But I wasn't really paying attention."

Many tourists doing the same thing leave the section of town, and it's businesses, empty. So owners in the area are turning to the city for help. With the millions of dollars poured into revitalizing downtown, they're just hoping officials will give businesses that are across from the beach a cut too.

"Maybe spark off the movement that they're trying to do to put this part of Myrtle Beach back on the map," said Farrelly.

The movement has already started, as the Superblock businesses have come together to reach out to the city. Business owners feel the only way to get more people to walk to their shops, is to have events that attract them. They're considering events like festivals and concerts, anything to get you to come and take notice.

Now the group of businesses is working with the City of Myrtle Beach to formulate a plan that would spread some of the business to other areas.

This effort is riding off of the big push to bring up the downtown section of the city. Owners feel like they're doing their part to revitalize a section of town that's been ignored, and now they are glad to see the city to chip in.

"It's sort of put a dark corner on this street," said Farrelly. "And now that we have a little bit of light shed on the street, hopefully it will spark off other interests and maybe other investors."

Since the plans are in the beginning stages, you could see some events happening in the Superblock area by the fall.

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