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Weapons, bullets, and money stolen from local police department

TIMMONSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - The same weapons that were used to keep neighbors safe were stolen and now out on the streets. Weapons, bullets, criminal records, and money were taken from the local police department.

The Timmonsville Police Department was closed three months ago due to budget cuts, but the supplies were stored inside of the unstaffed building. Wednesday morning, thieves reportedly broke into that secure building and stole police issued weapons, along with their ammunition, various criminal records, and money.

People in Timmonsville are worried for their safety and believe a police presence would have stopped these crimes. They believe it is only going to get worse, unless something is done now.

"People are getting used to the fact that they're not seeing police around…they need to get us back on level ground, get us a police force and someone who cares about the town," says business owner David Truluck.

"This whole thing makes people disheartened. We are the people of Timmonsville. It's not just a name," says Truluck, "but this problem didn't just pop up. Its been coming and no one paid attention to it."

The town attorney says both the residents and the town administration want to see the police force back in Timmonsville.

"They had the plan and intention to reopen that police department once they got a better balance of their funds," explains Eleazer R. Carter, Town Attorney.

Carter explains that the weapons were left within the empty department because the town planned to use them in the future when they re-instated the force.

"The weapons are owned by Timmonsville. The mayor can't take them home, the sheriff can't take them home. So when you own something, you leave it where you deem most safe," says Carter. He adds, "No one believed anybody would break into the police station."

"It could just be a dumb criminal who happened to hit the gold mine, being weapons and bullets. But it is my understanding that the attention was focused on the police department," says Carter. He explains that in order to access the weapons inside of the police department, the criminal had to break into multiple rooms.

The town's attorney says the stolen weapons are both an immediate and lasting concern.

"First concern is there are weapons out on the street, about the town or in the county. The second concern being there was a burglary taking supplies from the city," says Carter.

The town will have to find the money to replenish the lost supplies when they reopen the department.

The Florence County Sheriff's Office asks that anyone with information regarding this incident should contact the Sheriff's Office at 843-665-2121 ext. 373 or Crime Stoppers of the Pee Dee at 1-888-Crime-SC. You do not have to reveal your identity to leave information.

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