MB Downtown Redevelopment Corporation shops for business

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Bringing more business to the downtown area of Myrtle Beach is always a big mission for local leaders.

The MB Downtown Redevelopment Corporation has been working on a new initiative. There are still empty store fronts lining the streets on the way to the beach, that have been empty for a while. But to start, they're not looking that far. In fact, they're looking just down the streets of the Grand Strand area.

The corporation is putting together a list of businesses that would fill in some of those empty spaces downtown.

Officials are looking at it all -- stores, restaurants, and attractions-- to see if it would work out next to the beach. But first they want to start close to home.

They're checking out other businesses that have already set up shop to see if they would like to expand downtown. This effort won't stop at the Myrtle Beach city limits, as any business is fair game.

"We're looking at businesses that don't necessarily have a presence downtown, but multiple presence in the Grand Strand area," said David Sebok with the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation. "And maybe they just haven't thought about downtown if that would be a good fit for them."

The corporation has been researching different businesses since January. Once officials figure out what will fit, then they'll work on actually contacting the businesses to bring them downtown.

Their hope is that since there has been a lot of attention and millions of dollars put into the downtown area, it will be enough for any business to get on board.

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