Consider This: Viewer Feedback

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Thanks to all of you who have shared your opinion on recent topics. Today we'll pass along some of those comments to the rest of you.

Here are two opinions regarding green lasers; from Alan in Conway "If green lasers are causing so many problems then businesses should not be allowed to sell them. Leaders should pass an ordinance to stop the sale of green lasers."

And from Carolina Beach Man, "Parents just don't care anymore. There are some weird people who come here on vacation. Myrtle Beach attracts a lot of rednecky ghettobilly types of people. If kids are doing this then the parents should be arrested."

Sad Citizen shares this feedback on America, "I think the real question is should we be cheering as American values are being sold or given away at an alarming rate and is slowly going down the tubes? Is that not like putting your head in the sand and ignoring all the unresolved injustice that is now so common in America? How can you ask me to pretend like America is still great with all the shame that she now stands for?"

And finally, from John on a possible flat tax, "Everyone should pay the same amount and wean the government off of our pocket books. The US government "system" needs an overhaul by the people, for the people. Time to water that tree!"

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