Doctors recommend back to school vaccines

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Get your student ready to head back to school by getting all their vaccinations. Doctors say immunizations are aimed to cut down on diseases in our population that could be prevented.

This is especially important for students since school environments, including college dorm rooms, can act as incubators for germs. One disease in particular that doctors are watching is the newest strain of Swine Flu, known as H3N2.

"A particular strain will be out this year, maybe a little more virulent than the other ones meaning its going to spread faster," says Dr. Dennis Rhoades with Doctors Care, "We know that it is out there, we know that its coming and if we take all our precautions against it, there is no cause for alarm or panic."

Those precautions include getting the vaccine when it comes out next month. In addition, Doctors encourage you to pay attention to symptoms.

"You don't get the normal symptoms you would with a normal cold which are the runny nose, the wet cough, the low grade fever. With the swine flu you get severe body aches, dry cough, and a tremendously high fever."

The CDC outlines year to year the vaccines and boosters that your child should get every year. A link to that web site can be found under "WMBF News Extras" on

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