Gun among items reportedly stolen from valet parked cars

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Police are searching for two young men after a hotel employee found several cars that had been valet parked at a Myrtle Beach hotel burglarized.

The incident report WMBF News obtained from Myrtle Beach Police states that an employee entered the coded valet room at the Marriott on the 8400 block of Costa Verde Drive early Wednesday morning to find that several sets of keys were missing.

Hotel management called police, who couldn't find any signs of forced entry into the room. They did note that the doors to several vehicles had been unlocked and items in the front passenger area of those cars had been disturbed.

Officers were able to quickly locate the missing keys on the ground behind two of those valet parked cars.

The owners of those cars were contacted by hotel management and some reported items missing from their cars, including a "fully loaded black Sic Sauer," the report states.

A member of hotel security reported seeing two suspicious teens near the loading docks of the hotel around 2 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, who both took off running when she approached them. She believed those two may be staying in the hotel.

Anyone with information about this alleged crime is asked to contact Myrtle Beach Police.

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