Dance floor brawl leaves several injured

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A fight that broke out on the dance floor of a Myrtle Beach club has several recovering from their injuries and police on the lookout for the man who is responsible.

The crowd on the dance floor at Kono Asian Grill Tuesday morning may not have been expecting a fight when 2:30 a.m. rolled around.

The incident report from Myrtle Beach Police states they arrived to find multiple assault victims, most of whom were highly intoxicated.

The first male victim told police he was struck with a beer bottle across his back during an altercation, and had visible lacerations on his back and face. He was treated on scene and refused transport to a hospital.

A second male victim claims the fight broke out between two groups of friends. He says in the report he was hit in the face, causing him to fall to the ground where someone kicked him in the face several times.

One witness says he saw a man he described as Mexican hitting the first male victim with the beer bottle, then fleeing the club. That witness says he went back inside to help break up the fight when everyone got kicked out.

Another witness says he saw the second victim in the parking lot after everyone was asked to leave being kicked in the head again.

A third witness says they tried to break the fight up while on the dance floor but ended up getting hit in the head themselves.

A bouncer and manager for the club commented in the report that the altercation began after someone stepped on the first male victim's foot. After moving all the men involved outside, the verbal arguments escalated again into a fight in the parking lot.

The suspect identified in the report is described as a white male with several tattoos and tanned skin. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Myrtle Beach Police.

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