Commercial building permits down in Horry County

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Nearly $23 million is pouring into construction in Horry County, and a lot of the money is going into commercial development.

That reality is most evident with the new stores popping up all over the Grand Strand. But there's another type of development that's growing at a faster pace.

Permits to build more new businesses are down this year in Horry County by almost 40 percent. But there is a spike in a different type of development and that's homes. For some people, that's surprising.

Even with the housing market, the county is seeing a growing amount of plans to put new homes under construction. The number of building permits for residential homes have spiked--they've gone up about 29 percent over last year.

This means people are coming to the Grand Strand building from the ground up and that developers are carving out new subdivisions. But more houses and less businesses being built could be a problem in the future. Especially since realtors in the area say the stores nearby make great selling points.

"The beach is always the number one thing for people coming down here you know," said Devon Woodard. "But they do always want shops close by because the number two thing that drives people here is the shopping that we do have."

You'll notice the numbers take effect soon, because the number of building permits help indicate future plans in the county.

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