SC soldier prepares for Paralympics

Even though the Olympics haven't begun, some people are already talking about what will happen when they're over and the best of the best physically challenged athletes begin to fight for gold in the Paralympics.

CeCe Mazyck is army tough!

"You should see me, lil'bit, 5 foot 3, 113 pounds at the time trying to run out of the drop zone, we call it the DZ," said Mazyck.

The young woman from Columbia was one of those soldiers who jump out of planes.

"It was in November 2003, just about to go home for the Thanksgiving holiday and my 1st Sergeant said everyone had to make a jump before taking leave," said Mazyck.

But that jump turned into a fall that Mazyck would never fully get up from, after she and her jump partner collided in the air.

"I instantly was paralyzed from the waist down, busted my L-1, L-2 vertebrae," said Mazyck. "Up, that changed my life."

Not necessarily in the way you may think.

The accident that stole her legs gave the rest of her body a chance to thrive, by allowing her to compete in veteran field days, where she was discovered.

"The Paralympics' scouts, as I guess you call it, saw that I was I guess you could say above average," said Mazyck.

Mazyck ended up becoming one of the country's best. She's won the Javlin throwing event at the Paralympics trials.

So now, the proud mom of a 10-year-old is spending half of her summer training on post at Fort Jackson and the other half in London.

Like most serious athletes, Mazyck has a support system behind her, a trainer, a family and a fiance who gets her like no one else.

She met her fiance Darryl at a doctor's appointment.

He's training too, in hopes of making the 2016 Paralympics as a shot putter.

He'll be there in September as Mazyck throws on a world stage wearing another kind of uniform, but still proving you can be all you can be.

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