Move Over: It's the law

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Many drivers don't know they are breaking the law if they don't change lanes when blue lights are visible in the emergency lanes of roadways.

Accidents like the one that put South Carolina Highway Patrolman Howard James in the hospital could cost drivers who don't follow the "Move Over" law.

The law is designed to keep highway troopers and emergency workers from getting hurt, or killed by passersby on the roads.

"Not only are we worried about the traffic stop itself, we also have to worry about this traffic that is continuing to come by us," explains LCpl. Brent Kelly with SCHP.

Officials say if a driver is unable to change lanes, they should slow down when approaching blue lights.

"It don't take long. It's just a split second. Anything can happen," cautioned Kelly.

Failure to follow the law could land drivers with a $300 to $500 fine.

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