BlueCross BlueShield issues rebates, adds jobs

SOUTH CAROLINA (WMBF) – By not meeting certain goals established in the Affordable Care Act, the largest health care provider in South Carolina will now be sending rebate checks to their customers.

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina is been the largest healthcare provider in the state, and has operated from Columbia for 65 years.

Rebate checks will first be mailed to individual customers, according to the release posted on their website, and then they will begin mailing rebate checks to small business owners.

According to their website, the Affordable Care Act mandates that insurers achieve an 80 percent goal in 2011 for their individual and small business customers, meaning that 80 percent of premiums paid must go toward paying medical claims for those customers.

If less than 80 cents of each dollar is spent on you, the company owes you a rebate, and the company insist they spent just short of that 80 percent in 2011.

In compliance with the law, BlueCross BlueShield will be sending out those checks. Most of these checks will be less than $200.

According to Jim Deyling, president of private business at BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, this clause within the Affordable Care Act is not tackling the cause of rising health care expenses.

"We are complying with the law, but our concern remains that a rebate such as this not only creates a false impression of overpricing, but also reveals the fundamental flaw of the legislation, which is that it does nothing to reduce health care expense for members," Deyling said.

"In addition to keeping our profit margins below 3 percent, we want our customers to know that BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina continues to be innovative in our approach to reducing rising health care costs. We are actively working with providers and employers to identify ways to keep premiums as affordable as possible." Deyling adds. "We are also leading the way in rewarding providers for the quality of health care services they provide rather than the quantity of those services. We believe these efforts will make our members healthier in the long run as well as reduce costs."

The company is also looking to add around 615 jobs.

Elizabeth Hammond, spokeswoman for the Surfside Beach BCBS office, tells WMBF News that a majority of those jobs will be dispersed between the Grand Strand and Florence offices.

These new job openings are not yet listed on the company's website, but you are encouraged to submit a resume.

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