Attempted abduction lands NC man behind bars

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) A North Carolina man is in police custody for allegations of kidnapping and assaulting two women late Friday night.

The Myrtle Beach Police was dispatched at the 1900 block of Cassandra Lane in Myrtle Beach Friday at 11:45 p.m. in reference to disturbance.

According to the Myrtle Beach Police incident report, two female victims asked the alleged suspect in Florida to give them a ride to Charleston, SC.  The suspect agreed but later the victims changed their minds and decided to go to Myrtle Beach instead because of the attractions, said the report.

On the way to Myrtle Beach, the offender told the women he needed to make a stop in NC because he had a doctor's appointment. It was here the victims and the suspect got into a fight and he refused to give their clothes back, stated the report.

According to the report, the suspect eventually gave the clothes back to the women and were stranded in NC for two days. Later the women made up with the suspect and he agreed to take them back to Myrtle Beach.

Police say upon their arrival to Myrtle Beach that's when things turned violent. After the suspect reportedly got upset over money, the victims decided to leave and wanted to take their belongings out of the SUV in the parking lot at Cassandra Lane.

The suspect became upset, he didn't want them to leave and grabbed a plastic beer pitcher and hit the first woman in the face, stated the report. After the woman fell to the ground, the offender got on top of her and started punching the victim.

The second victim heard the screaming and went to get the suspect off of her. According to police, once the fighting stopped, the offender got into his car and told them to move or he was going to run them over. While the suspect attempted to drive off, the victims were throwing their items out of the car, but when the suspect started to back up his SUV, the victims climbed onto the bumper.

The offender sped off onto Cassandra Lane and when he turned a corner, the first woman was thrown from the car.

Officials say the victim had scrapes all over her legs and arms and several scratches and bumps on her face. EMS responded to the scene but the woman refused medical treatment.

The second woman who was still in the car asked the offender multiple times to stop and let her out but the suspect refused and told her that he was going to crash the car and kill them both, said the report.

At that time, the victim realized she had her cell phone and called 911. The suspect kept going when he saw police cars but eventually stopped and pulled into 2050 Corporate Center Drive and let the woman out.

The Myrtle Beach Police arrested the suspect on the scene and took him in custody.

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