Hotel uses high tech gadgets to clean rooms

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) –  Recently, Best Western International rolled out its "I Care Clean" program.

According to information released by the hotel chain, it brings advanced cleaning technologies used in hospitals, such as UV wands and black lights, to Best Western hotels in North America.

Owner of the local Best Western Plus Grand Strand Inn & Suites, Jack Robertson says they are gadgets they hope gives guests piece of mind. The entire cleaning staff underwent specialized training to learn how to properly use the wands.

They're used on what Best Western considers high touch areas like telephones, door handles, and bathroom fixtures. To compliment the sterilization wand, staffers are also equipped with black lights.

These help staffers see what the human eye can't like soap residue and food particles. According to a press release, Best Western's consumer research indicated hotel guests place cleanliness at a top priority.

Robertson, a 45-year veteran in the hotel industry, agrees. "This is a way for us to show the guests. It has had a very good response. People want a clean room."

Robertson says they go through each room with the wand and black light once guests have checked out. Right now they have a wand and black light for every 10 rooms at his hotel.

Michael Callegan owns a cleaning company in Charleston and says he's very familiar with UV wands. "I have those lights as well. I forgot to bring it with me this time, but typically I usually bring it with me to check things out. I mean, you never know what's on top of a bed spread or on the floor, or anything. So knowing that they use the UV lights is awesome."

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