Thrill seekers stuck on ride phone for help


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - How long would you wait, stranded and suspended in the air on an amusement park ride, before calling for help? One Grand Strand thrill seeker learned the answer to that question Monday night.

Dispatch reports from Myrtle Beach Police state they received a call around 10 p.m. from a passenger on a "Ferris wheel," claiming they had already been stuck at the top of the ride for 20 minutes.

Captain David Knipes, spokesman for the Myrtle Beach Police Department, says the call actually came from the Skyscraper on the 300 block of South Ocean Boulevard.

Moving at higher speeds than a Ferris wheel, the Skyscraper uses a propeller to spin guests in a full circle. The amusement ride can hold four guests, two on each end.

The report says the guests who made the call to police had been removed, and the ride was fully operational when officers arrived on scene around 10:06 p.m.

The guests told police they did not think the ride was "safe to operate."

Myrtle Beach Thrill Rides operates the Skyscraper and the Sling Shot, according to their website. They have not commented on the incident.

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