Consider This: Smoke Free Hartsville

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) Fresh air is in and smoking is out. Congratulations, Hartsville!

Consider This: Hartsville joins a growing list of cities that have approved smoking ordinances. Hartsville Mayor Mel Pennington tells us why it is important to take action: (bite from Will Whitson's story "It's a question of where do your rights as a person… someone's right to not do something")

As I've said many times, South Carolina leaders should pass a statewide smoking bane, but since they are unwilling to address the issue we're stuck with donut holes across the state. At least we have some city leaders with the courage to make these decisions to improve their communities. Now other cities and counties in the region need to stop delaying the inevitable and move forward with smoking ordinances, then we could set the example for the rest of the state.

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