Professor offers free economic aid to Town of Rowland

ROWLAND, NC (WMBF) – A local professor has stepped up, offering his time and efforts to make the Town of Rowland a more popular destination.

James Brown, an instructor at Robeson Community College, offered his marketing services to the town pro bono during a Board of Commissioner's meeting Tuesday night.

Blake Proctor, town clerk and finance officer, tells WMBF News that the Chamber of Commerce in Rowland is struggling, and he has plans to meet with Mr. Brown on Thursday to discuss his ideas to bring more business members into the organization.

Brown hopes he can lend a hand by marketing for people to stop by and trying to get people to stop on their way to the other destinations. They are also interested in marketing to perspective chamber members.

Brown's offer to help came after a decision by the board to move an adult GED program Brown has instructed since it began three years ago from the Masonic Lodge to Pembroke.

The reason that program began in Rowland, Proctor said, is because their residents cannot get to the programs offered in other parts of the county.

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