Tales of pit bull heroism

Often times pit bulls get a bad rap but two ArkLaTex dogs are defying the stereotype of the breed. Bully, a three-year-old, pit bull does not mind going to the vet. That's because his visits provide hope for other dogs how have no hope left. Bully donates blood.

"We have dogs that come in all the time that for one reason or another have lost a significant amount of blood. They need blood transfusions," said Amanda Smith, a vet tech and pit bull owner.

Bully is a universal donor which means his blood matches any dog types. Porsche, a 12-year-old dog at the clinic, was on the verge of dying of kidney disease until she was saved by Bully's blood.

"One bag could save four dogs."

While Bully saved lives with his blood, Stormy saved lives with her bark. The seven-year-old pit bull managed to get out of her kennel and awaken her owner, Kevin Cavanaugh, who was asleep inside her home as it went up in flames.

"I ran down the hall and the blaze was so intense that Stormy turned back," said Cavanaugh, recalling the events of that night in June, 2005.

Stormy hid under a bed while fire fighters spent four hours putting out the flames. The whole time Cavanaugh was worried that his dog might not make it out alive. He asked fire fighters to search for her.

"Two or three minutes later they came back out and she was slumped over his arm. The fireman aid for whatever reason she has a faint breath," said Cavanaugh. "They put the oxygen mask on her and revived her."

Cavanaugh still credits his pit bull for saving his life. Much like other dogs who credit Bully for giving them their life back.

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