Grand Strand family accused in interstate drug ring

After a man was found hanged in the Florence County Detention Center, WMBF News digs deep to discover why he and his family were booked on drug charges, and how they managed evaded the law for years.

Six members of the Rublowitz family, including 33 year old Matthew Rublowitz, the owner of Fat Matt's Ice Cream in Myrtle Beach, are charged by the Drug Enforcement Agency with illegally obtaining and distributing narcotic pills.

Court documents obtained by WMBF News detail the DEA's case, claiming along with Matthew,  Richard Rublowitz, 57, his wife Mindy, 55, their sons Justin, 31, Sean 25, and Kristin Jacobs, 26, traveled to Atlantic City, NJ to obtain forged prescriptions. They would then either carry the painkillers with them on the flight back, or ship them to local FedEx stores.

The DEA claims this activity carried on for 4 years, and neighboring business owners to the ice cream shop say things always seemed a little off.

"They spend more time on the patio than they do inside working," said an acquaintance who wished to remain anonymous. "The business is only open five months out of the year, I don't know how they survived."

Six of the suspects are now in a New Jersey jail awaiting a bond hearing. Richard Rublowitz was found hanging in the Florence County Detention Center shortly after booking.

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