DMV uses new technology to reduce waits

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)- There are few things more dreaded than a long wait at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Now the SCDMV is trying to shake the image of long lines and daylong undertakings to get your driver's license by utilizing new technology.

Using a system called the Motor Vehicle Network, or MVN, televisions are placed throughout the DMV offices to show customers which numbers are up, where to go, and how long the wait is.

"The multimedia thing of hearing your number, looking up, verifying it, and knowing what window to go to is wonderful," said customer Terry Armstrong. He said he was able to move quickly through the 21st Avenue office in Myrtle Beach. Armstrong says now he can shed his old system of trying to beat the crowds.

"You come in on a Tuesday or Thursday in the morning if at all possible," Armstrong said.

The system has been in place at the Myrtle Beach office for about four months, and employees say it's working. You can even check the wait times at the DMV website before you head out the door. SCDMV is working towards a goal of about a 10 minute average for wait times.

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