Consider This: Helicopter Zoning

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) If you build a home near an airport, a racetrack or any other business that generates a lot of noise then there's little sympathy when that noise gets on your nerves. However, when a helicopter operation opens up in your backyard, and you had no idea that could happen, that's a problem.

Consider This: The people who own homes in Plantation Point were surprised and so were their county council representatives when a sightseeing helicopter operation opened on adjacent land. Hearing the buzz of a helicopter at all hours would certainly be annoying. However, the zoning for the property allows it so there is little homeowners can do. But the fight will most likely find its way to the courts.

The planning and zoning department needs to understand that Council shouldn't be blindsided when a potential issue is surfacing. Council needs to conduct a thorough review of all zoning policies and revise the laws so this issue doesn't happen again.

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