Recent weather cause for concern with fireworks

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Because of recent dry and hot conditions in the Grand Strand and Pee Dee, officials are more on alert for Fourth of July fireworks. Horry County Fire Rescue officials say not everyone fully realizes the risk they're taking.

"Fires can spread extremely quickly," said Kenny Todd, Battalion Chief with Horry County Fire Rescue. "Especially if you have dry conditions and winds and we've seen some pretty good winds here the past few days and the temperatures are going to be up. So things are going to dry out quick and it could cause an extreme fire hazard."

An extreme fire hazard can lead to brush fires like the Hornet Fire that burned through Carolina Forest last July.

Forestry Commission officials say the flames seared more than 1,300 acres all because of a sky lantern, which can be bought at some area firework stores.

Since northeastern South Carolina been dealing with consistently hot temperatures, officials say it will just take one little spark to flare up the flames this year.

Folks like Isiah Davis, have thought of ways to avoid a fire when playing with it.

"You have to get rid of it fast, or possibly you could get burnt," said Davis. "Light it and as soon as I see the sizzle I'm gone."

WMBF News talked with some fireworks users and many think it's fine to light fireworks in their own yard as long as there is short green grass. But SC Forestry Commission officials say with the weather we've been having, that isn't the case.

Officials say it's best to put it on the pavement, and to make sure you're far away from any densely wooded areas.

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