MB woman evicted for having too many cats

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) One Myrtle Beach woman is struggling with the loss of her home and pets after being evicted for having too many feline friends.

The arrest report from Myrtle Beach Police says the suspect, 56-year-old Debra Susan Vroman, told an Animal Control Officer she was being evicted for having 'too many cats' in the eyes of her landlord and needed to turn them in.

The ACO told Vroman there was no room in the shelter for the pets, but tried to help Vroman find a solution for her problem.

Further investigation with Vroman led to the issuing of citations for the mistreatment and negligence of animals. Vroman told the officer that one of the kittens in her home had died, some of them were sick, and any of them that were roaming outside 'were sure to have worms.'

Vroman made that comment about the worms when she and the officer were talking about one particular kitten, a skinny female with a bloated belly, described as 'kind of scraggly.'

That cat was said to belong to a neighbor but Vroman was charged with her care.

Vroman was advised that she was currently in violation of several laws concerning the treatment of animals but insisted she was looking for somewhere new to live and would like to keep all of the animals, the report said.

The citation was issued while the Animal Control Officer tried to detain all of the pets into his truck to transport to the humane society. The officer noted in the report that the living environment smelled of urine, but otherwise the animals has plenty of food and water to drink.

The report did not comment on the order of the home.

In his first trip to the humane society, the officer transported 21 cats. During his second trip he transported 15 cats, struggling with Vroman who insisted she would like to keep them.

After arriving at the shelter, the report says all the cats received vaccinations and medications for parasites.

The report continues to say that the Vroman requested to get four of the cats back. The Animal Control Officer suggested that would be a possibility if Vroman had the pets spayed, neutered and paid the medical costs for the shelter after securing a permit residence.

Vroman's citation for the mistreatment of animals was for $469.

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