New gadgets aim to help reduce children left in cars

A car seat monitor. (Source:
A car seat monitor. (Source:

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - A heat wave registering triple digit temperatures can be a dangerous threat, especially to children. A nine-month-old in Kentucky died after being left in a car for hours, and now new gadgets on the market may help eliminate this type of tragedy.

With temperatures expected to reach and possibly exceed 100 degrees in the Pee Dee and Grand Strand, it does not take long for the inside of your car to feel like a broiler. There is help for parents.

A company called Baby Alert has invented a $70 alarm called the Child Minder, the device that tells you if you leave a child behind.

Heather Bingham, a mother of three children, all three years of age and younger, says if it works, it might be worthwhile.

"It could definitely be something that could help some days, when everything's crazy, and can keep you alerted," said Bingham.

The Child Minder is a clip you put on your child's car seat strap. Once the baby is strapped in, a transmitter sends a signal to your keychain.

The keychain starts beeping when you walk away, telling you your baby is still strapped in his seat.

Another gadget is the Cars-N-Kids car seat monitor. Using a special smartphone app and Bluetooth cell phone technology, the monitor sends an alert to the parent if the child leaves the seat or when a child is still in the car seat five minutes after the vehicle has stopped moving. This device costs $60.

Another tactic, an app on your smartphone called the Baby Reminder. You set your drive hours on the app, once your drive is over, the alarm makes the sound of baby laughing. The baby reminder app is free.

Some other tips:

-Keep a teddy bear or other stuffed animal in the car seat when it is empty. When you put your child in the seat, move the animal to the front passenger seat, to remind you that your baby's on board.

-Ask your child's babysitter or daycare provider to always phone you promptly if your child is not dropped off as scheduled.

-Seat your younger (or quieter) child behind the front passenger seat, where they are most likely to catch your eye.

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