Science beyond the classroom at Science South


FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Tucked away in a tiny corner of Freedom Florence off of Pamplico Highway, pint-size scientists are using their summer to learn more about science!

"I have to say I'm very upset this next place wasn't around when I was younger," expresses Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Rob Hatchell. "As a meteorologist, I find science fascinating, so I was so excited to visit the folks out at Science South."

"What we do is a lot of hands on. So we do the fun labs where we walk down to the pond, collect the water, look at the creatures that live in there," explains Erin Powers of Science South. "Or like today, when we did the egg drop where you really have to think and get your mind around real world things and then we pull it down to a smaller scale."

Science South stays busy year-round with camps continuing all summer long before school sets in again in fall.

Powers explains, "Five weeks of kids camps, two 1st through 3rd grade camps, three 4th through 8th grade camps. We also do three teacher camps."

On the day WMBF News was visiting we were lucky enough to catch one of the youth summer camps where science camper Amber seemed to be enjoying it all.

"We went out today on a nature walk to gather leaves and flowers and things. We put our shirts on the ground, put wax paper in them with the leaves and flowers on the wax paper and then hit them with a hammer," Amber says. "Soft at first but then harder to let the colors stick to the shirt."

Biology, chemistry, geology and that's just for the summer, but then it's back to school for these campers.

"We see up to five classes a day when we go to the schools. Then for field trips, we can have up to 150 kids at a time for field trips," says Powers.

It's all science all the time at Science South and out and about with the Science South mobile labs where they bring the fun to you!

"This year we were full before school was even out. We have kids coming to multiple camps because it's fun, it's the fun side of science," smiles Powers.

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