MBPD: Woman assaulted by a man while walking on the street

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) The Myrtle Beach police are searching for a man who assaulted a woman on the street Tuesday afternoon.

The incident happened Tuesday at 3:30 p.m. at 100 block of South Kings Highway. According to the Myrtle Beach police report, the victim was assaulted by a black male described as wearing a white wife beater, blue jeans, white sunglasses and black Nike shoes.

The victim told police as she was walking down on Chester Street, she saw the suspect walk out of a house between 4th and 5th Avenue North, said the report.

The alleged suspect asked the victim where she was going if he could stay with her for the night since she had nowhere to go, according to the police report.

At that point they started walking towards Kings Highway and then South. While they were walking, the suspect told the victim that he wanted to sleep with her. The victim turned around to get away from the suspect but he continued to follow her, according to the police.

The suspect told the victim if she was making him walk back for nothing then hit her. After the suspect hit the victim, he fled South on Kings Highway, said the report.

Officials searched for the suspect but they have not located him at this point. If anyone has any information, contact the MBPD.

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