Arrest made in MB assault with mailbox, stick

John James Baker (Source: MBPD)
John James Baker (Source: MBPD)

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Police in Myrtle Beach have arrested the man believed to have attacked a male victim in his own front yard with a large stick, but didn't get away without a few scrapes of his own.

The incident report WMBF News attained from Myrtle Beach Police says the suspect, 44-year-old John James Baker, began searching through a box of items at the edge of the victim's property along Pine Island Road Monday evening.

The victim exited his home and asked Baker to leave and not to search through his things, but the victim reports that Baker returned 20 minutes later and rummaged the box again.

When the victim confronted Baker a second time, the report says he grabbed a large stick and swung at the victim, striking him and saying that he 'was not God.'

Baker reportedly told the victim he could not tell him what to do, after which the victim uprooted his mailbox and struck Baker in an effort to defend himself, he told police in the report.

Even though the blow with the mailbox knocked him down, Baker continued to attack the victim and home owner with the stick. The victim then punched Baker several times before he finally ceased.

A witness walking down Pine Island Road during the incident reported that the victim was attempting to get away from Baker who was swinging a stick at him by putting objects between them before using the mailbox to knock him down, but even then Baker continued to pursue him with the stick.

The report says Baker and victim were treated by EMS after police were called, and Baker was transported to a local hospital before being taken into custody.

Warrants were prepared and served on Baker, and he was charged with public intoxication, trespassing and second degree assault.

The report continues to say that Baker threatened the victim after he was taken into custody, saying that upon his release he intended to go back to the victim's home and hit him with a steel pipe.

Bond has not been set on the assault charge. Bond for his trespassing and public intoxication charge was set at $627.

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