Schoolhouse BBQ serves country favorites to big star

SCRANTON, SC (WMBF) For the last 18 years, The Schoolhouse BBQ in Scranton has been dishing out all your favorite country fixins'. For the cooks, feeding hundreds even thousands of people in a day, is all in a days work.

Owner Stacy Mims bought the restaurant from Howell Myers three years ago. He laughs when he says, "We have a lot of in our head recipes. So if anything happens to my cooks I'm in trouble."

One of Stacy's top employees is Eva McGill, who has been whipping up southern cooking at Schoolhouse BBQ since just after the restaurant opened up.

"Management is great because I say he {Stacy} bought it and I'm the boss," Eva jokingly says.

And with Eva's experience, you know the barbeque gets an A-plus. Every day, 24 hams and shoulders are prepped, seasoned and set in the smoker for 16 hours.

"We have a lot traveling people who come through and stop here and say my friend, my cousin my family told me about it, told me stop by here."

One big customer who always makes time to stop for a bite is big time country crooner Josh Turner, who was born and raised just down the road in Hannah.

And if it's not the home country buffet that'll make it worth your time to put the miles on your car, it's the history lesson. This building was built in the 1930's as a schoolhouse for the black community.

"Most of the older black folks people my age and up in Scranton attended school here. They come in {to the restaurant} and that part where the buffet is and they say this was my classroom. It's amazing."

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