Florence Drive-In offers more than just great food

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) Everywhere you visit, or just pass through, there's always one place everyone says to have to stop in and try. And Florence has its fair share of must-try, can't miss restaurants.

The Drive-In in Florence was once known as the 301 Drive-In, and Storm Team Meteorologist Rob Hatchell has his own fond memories of the spot. As a native of Florence, Hatchell say the Drive-In was the place to be.

"I had a 57 Chevrolet with a record player in it. It had a record player from Sears in it and we used to come to the 301 Drive-In back in the day," said customer Ernie Chavis.

Even if the name has changed, the good people, good food and fellowship hasn't changed a bit.

Chavis says, "We really enjoy it, We come here a couple times a week. It's about the best tea, The best fried chicken here. We're here with my buddy, Mr. Goodson, Mr. David stone. This is one of our favorite places to eat.

It's customers like Mr. Chavis and his friends that keep the memories alive and stories flowing at the Drive-In, and co-owner Paulie Kremydas remembers them all.

"You get a lot of your customers that come back, We met here, We got married a few years later, You hear the old stories of how we drove around in our cars on Friday and Saturday nights so we kept the nostalgia of the curbside service," Kremydas said.

And though some stories are reminiscent of meeting lovers and returning every so often, for customer Mr, Fred Gregg, coming to the Drive-In is a must.

"I never go through the drive thru, I always come into the inside. I want see all the faces and personalities It's so great," Fred Gregg said.

And it's not just the smiling faces that bring Mr. Gregg back each time. "I love the hamburger steak with onion, Yes I do!"

The Drive-In also offers a huge menu to choose from, so you're bound find something you like.

Co-owner George Nikolakakos says he's partial to the fried chicken.

"It's the best, I could eat it all day if you gave me the chance. Hot dogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken and our specialty Greek items too are really good," Nikolakakos said.

And he's not the only one bragging about the food.

Ernie Chavis said, "If you come here and leave hungry, there's something wrong with you, because they've got good food."

So stop in the Drive-In on 135 East Palmetto Street or visit them online. Rob Hatchell highly recommends it.

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