NMB City Council discusses new water park

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) City Council is getting ready to discuss letting private investors pour in millions of dollars into the plans for the city's new sports complex.

City officials say the investors hope to spend about $41 million on a new water park.

Tourists think it's a good option for the city. "A lot of people they get tired of the beach," said Gabby Panza, tourist visiting North Myrtle Beach. "So that would be fun to do with their little kids too I think an enclosed place."

City council members will discuss changing the plans for the 140 acres of land set aside for the sports complex, to cut out 15 acres to add another water park to the Grand Strand.

Council will look to see if the project will be able to stay afloat in the area. More details on the proposed park will be released during the council meeting Monday. Officials tell WMBF News this will be a full-fledged water park with a Caribbean theme.

Officials hope the park will actually get tourists to slide into North Myrtle Beach to spend money. Tourists say the city needs more attractions.

"Because I mean there's so many times you can walk up and down the Main street there you know," said visitor Gwendolyn Folkes. "Of course they have the live entertainment and stuff in the evenings that's good. But the more the merrier is my philosophy."

Officials say they're banking on the fact this park would be off Highway 31, so it will be easy to access from all over the Grand Strand.

If the plans are approved the water park would be built in two phases, and would open at the same time as the sports complex in 2014.

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